Frequently asked questions

Before contacting Framasoft using the form in this contact page, please check that the answer is not included in the list below.

We remind you that no answers will be given to questions concerning the functioning of free software. For this, please use our forums.

The association Framasoft

I would like to invite Framasoft for our event.

I would like to contact or meet someone from the association for an interview.


Alternative donations: can I make a donation in Bitcoin or via Lilo, Flattr, Tipeee, etc...?


I want to join the Framasoft’s community.


How can I delete my account?


I can’t connect to my board nor reset my password: what can I do?

How can I delete my board?


How to delete a calc? How long will my data stay online?


How can I print my Framacarte?

I can no longer edit the map I created without an account.


How to extend form limitation?

Is it possible to have english interface?


How to add emails massively? (.csv files, etc.)

How can I cutomize the signature of the emails on my list?


I have "api disabled" message when I try to use Framanews with an app: what can I do?


How to delete my account?

The web interface and the application do not synchronize my notes.


How to delete a pad?

I would like to include an image on my pad.


Everything is in french! How can I get the english version?

Are you GDPR compliant?

A single account to connect to all services (aka SSO), is that possible?

I have lost my codes, can you disable double authentication (2FA) of my account?